Teachers and Second Jobs: The Rising Need for Supplemental Income

According to recent analysis of data from the U.S. Department of Education, 1 in 5 teachers across America hold a second job during the school year in order to make ends meet.

Based on a 2012 study and depicted in this infographic on working hours of teachers, teachers are bending over backwards just to keep up with their first full-time job. How, then, are they finding the time and energy to hold these second jobs? And why?

Building the Workforce of Tomorrow: Teaching Career Exploration in the Classroom

Career exploration in the school setting has changed greatly over the last couple of decades. This is primarily due to the changing world of work. Careers are no longer limited by state, region, or even country. The world of work has stretched beyond our country and is a global playing field. In order for students to compete globally, they must first be exposed to careers outside their local community and they must understand how they are connected to the world of work if they are going to be contenders in a global market.

8 Questions with a Partnership Consultant

8 QUESTIONS is a series of interviews with teachers who have effectively transitioned their classroom skills into new and exciting careers in the field of education. We at Teach.com believe that teaching is a rigorous and diverse classroom in and of itself; the skills learned “in the trenches” can translate into an exciting portfolio of professional options. From education tech to consulting, the only “X factor” is where you want to go — our interviews hope to shine a light on the steps it takes to get there.

Five Ways Teachers Can Establish Positive Relationships with Parents

It is back to school season and in the midst of lesson planning, juggling assignments and trying to learn everyone’s name, it is easy for teachers to forget that parents and families can be of tremendous support. Here are some tips to establish a positive relationship with parents.

Active Body Means Active Mind: Fitness Tips for Teachers

Teacher’s jobs can be rewarding and interesting, but can also be full of stress, anxiety and long hours. You may have plenty of opportunities to exercise your brain, but being on the spot at eight o'clock and having lots of reasons to stay in school late or do some extra work leave little time to take care of your physical fitness.

6 Self-Esteem Building Activities for Middle School Students

No one finds it surprising to know that middle school is the period in which preteens and teens experience their most formative years. What they learn, how they behave, and how they interact with others during middle school can carry on into adulthood—whether positive or negative.